Donations will not only help fund Stevens’ artful way of holding truth to power through comedy, but they’ll also give Twitter something other than advertisements!

BOCA RATON, FL, January 04, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Chaz Stevens, well-known political activist and CEO of ESADoggy, announces a GoFundMe campaign aimed at helping Twitter make ends meet.

With Stevens’ campaign, a portion of the donations will be sent to Twitter. Contributions will also help fund Stevens’ work holding truth to power using art and comedy.

A message from Chaz Stevens

“My efforts and those of my company, ESADoggy, can be a powerful lever of change, driving progressive social justice by advancing the strategies and tools that deal with issues such as protecting democracy, LGBTQ+ matters, and racial inequality. Nonviolent methods of conflict resolution have been shown time and again as the most efficient way to achieve peace and justice. Like Ben & Jerry’s, I mix corporate duty with social responsibility.”

“Without ESADoggy, none of my work would be possible.”

At ESADoggy, we’re a global-minded, innovative company looking to drive positive change and solve social problems with the use of technology.

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