March 10, 2017: As seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, and FOX, Cacoz the home of elite furniture has made its name in the real furniture industry. The company recently announced its B2B wholesale supply of furniture.

Offices, resorts, businesses, home owners, and retailers count on Cacoz for its premium quality furniture. Based in Queensland, Australia, Cacoz Furniture has served thousands of customers till date.

The company makes cool and comfortable furniture, good news for potato couches. But, keeping the fun part aside, Cacoze Furniture will make your workplace or home more comfortable and cooler than before.

The main objective of the company is to deliver premium quality furniture to the wholesale industry at reasonable prices. The company uses advanced technology that helps it develop excellent furniture pieces with the help of skilled workers.

Who won’t love to have a one-stop shop for a variety of furniture? From sofas to sofa beds, and from recliners to lounges; you just name it and you will see it at Cacoz Furniture.

Roslind Brown, the founder of Cacoz Furniture said, “Our motto is ‘where excellent price meets high quality’. He also said that “We don’t want people to get bored with one style, so the concept urged us to develop a variety of styles to give solution for different environments.”

Cacoz Furniture is the best, because

  • It offers excellent furniture at affordable costs
  • The company tests each material before manufacturing
  • Offers 24-Month Warranty
  • It is capable of meeting customised orders
  • It Offers high-tech furniture with easy assembling
  • It offers free shipping locally
  • It is versatile
  • It comes up with different packages
  • It allows customised tagging and logos, so manufacturers can sell furniture with their own names

No need to impress others with fake leather, as Cacoz Furniture has brought the real leather at your doorstep. Sitting on a leather recliner with romantic thoughts of your partner will take you from the real world to fantasy, breaking the monotony of boring workplace.

Without wandering from here to there, any manufacturer, business owner, or homeowner can contact Cacoz Furniture in Australia. The company has most dedicated and active staff to satisfy its customers.

The company has a very user-friendly website to make the purchase easier for you, just click, walk around, see the styles, and choose that suits you. To know more about Cacoz Furniture, visit here

Company Address:
Cacoz Furniture
PO Box 7236
Mount Isa, QLD 4825
P: 1300 090 272