Craft Holsters, a custom leather holster maker, launches new break-in kits that will make leather holster break-in smooth and easy.

TUALATIN, OR, June 14, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Leather holsters look great and are comfortable to carry, but they often come with an unpleasant problem – they require break-in before first use. In order to make this tedious chore a bit more bearable, Craft Holsters, a custom leather holster maker, has just introduced two new products that promise to make leather holster break-in much easier and more convenient.

The first of the recently introduced products is their Small Break-in Kit and its contents are as follows – a vial with break-in liquid, wool dauber, and microfiber cloth. “This kit includes everything you need for a successful leather holster break-in,” says Luke, the head of Craft Holsters’ marketing department. The kit that currently comes at $9 can also be used for occasional maintenance of leather holsters.

The other product recently added to Craft Holsters’ offer, the Premium Holsters Care Kit, comes with everything included in the Small Break-in Kit, but it also contains the following – leather conditioner, leather balm, and microfiber sponge. This means that the kit can be used for both break-in as well as regular care and maintenance of leather holsters. “If a leather holster is properly made, it will last you ages. However, it will take some beating along the way. That’s why we decided to provide our customers with a kit that contains everything they need for proper and, most importantly, regular leather holster care,” says Luke when asked why people should get the kit that costs $29.

While the goal of any business is to make profit, we asked Viktor Kovac, Craft Holsters’ founder and current CEO, if there was other motivation behind the introduction of their new products. “Many gun owners prefer kydex to leather mainly because plastic holsters don’t require any work before first use and they aren’t as prone to scratches and wear. If we don’t want leather holsters to fall into oblivion, we need to make sure their usage is as smooth and convenient as it gets. Also, we want our leather holsters to last a lifetime. That’s exactly why we decided to come up with our own solution for easy leather holster break-in as well as regular leather holster care.”

Craft Holsters’ effort to make the lives of leather holster lovers easier doesn’t end with their break-in and care kits, though. Anyone who struggles with break-in of their new leather holster or doesn’t really know how to go about it should know that their packaging comes with a handy break-in manual. Also, there’s a concise leather holster break-in guide as well as a bit on proper leather holster care available at the Craft Holsters website.

Craft Holsters is a custom leather holster maker. The company currently provides custom, hand made holsters with a glove-like fit for more than 1.500 different semi-automatic pistols & revolvers.

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