Casino Hunter surveyed 161 Japanese gambling enthusiasts about online casinos.

NAGOYA, JAPAN, September 01, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The online casino information site “Casino Hunter (” operated by Site Creation Co., Ltd. conducted a survey of 161 Japanese gambling enthusiasts regarding online casinos. We conducted 6 questions, about what made you aware of online casinos, how often you play games in online casinos, what your purpose is for playing in online casinos, what game genre you prefer to play in online casinos, how much money you use at once in online casinos, and what elements you particularly value when playing in online casinos.

This article was translated into English from the article “Casino Hunter” and posted as a press release. Survey details and graph images are available on the official website of “Casino Hunter“.

Questionnaire survey overview

This survey was conducted online, targeting Japanese gambling enthusiasts. The survey period was from June 14th, 2023 to June 18th, 2023. A total of 161 respondents participated in this survey.

Summary of survey results

How did you find out about online casinos? (multiple selection possible)
– 87 people found out about online casinos from “Internet advertising”, 49 people found out “Referrals from friends and family”, 46 people found out “Social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)”, 19 people found out “Online articles and review sites”, 14 people found out “TV and radio advertising”, and “Other” sources were cited by 2 people.

How often do you play online casino games?
– 62 people play online casino games “Several times a month”, 58 people play “Several times a week”, 38 people play “Once every few months”, and 3 people play “Every day”.

What is the purpose of playing at an online casino? (multiple selection possible)
– 126 people stated they play “To enjoy as entertainment”, 92 people play “To win prizes”, 9 people play “To hone their skills and strategies”, and 5 people play “To compete with other players”.

Which game genre do you prefer to play at online casinos? (multiple selection possible)
– 91 people selected “Slot”, 70 people were “Roulette”, 60 people were “Poker”, 47 people were “Baccarat”, 35 people were “Black Jack”, and 5 people were “Others”.

The complete survey results, accompanied by graphs and other visuals, can be found on the “Casino Hunter” official website.

About “Casino Hunter”

Casino Hunter is an online casino information site that provides beginner-friendly guides on starting an online casino, depositing and withdrawing money, and recommended games.

Quoting survey results

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