The all-in-one accessory for all your golf essentials, Freeshot is safe AND convenient

NEW YORK, NY, June 11, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Golf accessory manufacturer “FREESHOT” is unveiling their titular all-in-one accessory on the global crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, this May.

At its most basic form, FREESHOT is a golf ball holder. But it also contains a divot tool, long tee and short tee holders, and a ball marker for a total of 5 different features in this all-in-one product. So even if you don’t have any pockets, you can still carry everything you need for golf right on your hip.

It’s common courtesy when you’re out golfing to use a divot tool to patch up any marks left behind from your swings. Fortunately, FREESHOT comes with its own divot tool that you can slide in and out from the side of the device. Once the divot tool snaps into place, it’ll sit secure on your hip for added convenience.

FREESHOT also comes with its own long tee. Tees are a golfing essential, of course. But they often snap in half, or get sent flying into parts unknown after we take a swing. That’s why the FREESHOT custom long tee is divided into top and bottom components for an easy setup, and features a unique orange color to help you find it in the grass. There’s also an internal magnet, so the top and bottom halves snap back together after the tee is struck.

Tees usually get dirty once you use them out on the field. But the FREESHOT tee holders let you carry your tees in one place, while also keeping them out of your pockets and out of your hair.

Another essential golf accessory is the ball marker. The FREESHOT ball marker uses a powerful magnet to stay in place on your hip, so you can easily pull it out when necessarily. Now you won’t need to worry about losing your ball marker anymore. You can also customize your ball marker with a variety of colors and designs.

But the feature that immediately stands out is FREESHOT’s golf ball holder. Lots of golfers store their golf balls in their pockets, but this comes with a lot of drawbacks. With FREESHOT, once you place your golf ball in its slot, it stays locked in place. That means your hands and pockets are free when you’re setting up and on the move.

Once you’re done using FREESHOT, just put it in the pouch for convenient storage. The pouch is compact enough to fit in your hand, and takes up minimal space in your golf bag. FREESHOT comes in one of four colors. You can select between metal gray, rose gold, black, or black and white for a design that best matches your style.

FREESHOT launches this May at a special discount on Kickstarter, and includes 1 year of free product defect warranty service after shipment.

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