Bettium announces an innovative analytical blockchain platform for peer-to-peer betting and reveals details on their upcoming tokensale. The platform designed to bring together the familiar features of online betting with brand new capabilities, such as a built-in artificial intelligence assistant, Big Data analytical tools and algorithmic betting. The platform will suit both amateurs and betting professionals in a unified blockchain-based ecosystem with all its associated advantages: decentralization, reliability, transparency, scalability and fast performance.

“The online betting market has more than doubled over the past decade, according to PWC estimates, and is projected to come close to US$50 billion. Blockchain is set to revolutionize the industry, significantly increasing the user base by establishing new standards for functionality and reliability that will radically change the way bettors, players, advertisers and industry professionals interact with each other. The Bettium platform will help transform the industry,we intend to show the positive side of the betting sector, providing tools and algorithms that will allow even everyone the chance to play like the experts,” says Nathan Hunt, Bettium CEO.

Bettium levels the playing field between professionals and beginners by providing all users with similar capabilities and the same professional-grade tools, such as the platform’s built-in AI assistant, which will operate Big Data and help users make consent decisions, and also allow to automatically execute their unique betting strategies. The system will provide an option to rely on the expertise of professionals by subscribing to expert forecasts, mimicking their bets or even completely entrusting wagers to a fund manager for a small fee.

Bettium team has already announced the details of its public crowdsale. The pre-sale of BETT tokens is to begin on May 15 and the open phase of the crowdsale on June 01, 2018. Currently the company is conducting a private sale. A total of 1,000,000,000 BETT tokens will issued, 1 BETT = 0,05 USD. The company anticipates it will raise up to US$30 million in the token offering, with 50 percent of the accumulated sum to be used for platform development and operational costs, 37 percent to be spent on marketing and tournaments, and 13 percent to support the company’s legal procedures.

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