Security firm offers practical and affordable ways for businesses to counteract new robbery

LOS ANGELES, CA, August 29, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Fast Guard Service offers practical ways for businesses to protect themselves against “Flash Mob” robberies, without breaking the bank. As if Californian businesses did not have enough problems, they must now deal with a relatively new phenomenon – “Flash Mob” robberies. As the name suggests, large groups of people, up to 30 at a time, enter high-end stores and run out with armfuls of luxury merchandise, escaping in multiple vehicles. Fast Guard Services has 12 practical suggestions for stores to prevent, or at least minimize such activities.

“Many of these suggestions will already be in place in most luxury stores,” says President of Fast Guard Services Roderick Payne. “However, it’s necessary to constantly review preventative measures and to involve the wider community. A proactive, well-rounded approach will dramatically reduce future incidents while keeping both customers and staff feeling safe and comfortable.”

1. Risk assessment – identifying areas of vulnerability, e.g., store layout, high-risk hours, and types of merchandise likely to be targeted.
2. Surveillance cameras – upgraded security cameras, both visible and hidden, at vulnerable parts of the store.
3. Alarm systems – alarms connected to a central monitoring system that will trigger rapid responses.
4. Access control – implementation of turnstiles or electronic gates to limit the number of people entering the store simultaneously.
5. Security guard services – increased employment of visible security guards, particularly during high-risk hours.
6. Staff training – putting protocols in place for staff to recognize and react safely to threats.
7. Emergency drills – regular drills to enforce such protocols, and practice evacuation procedures.
8. Secure merchandise displays – placing of high-value items in locked showcases that require staff to open them.
9. Emergency communication – communication systems that enable staff to instantly alert security personnel and management.
10. Collaboration with police forces, other businesses, and the wider community.
11. Public awareness campaigns – encouraging the public to report suspicious activity.
12. Technological solutions – use of technology such as RFID tags that will trigger alarms if not removed by staff.

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We operate our own security training facility where we license and train all of our guards. Our guards are CPR/AED/First Aid certified.


Our management team has experience in criminal justice and sworn law enforcement with a minimum of a Bachelors degree.

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