South Pasadena, CA, April 17, 2018 –(– Playworld Pictures, an award-winning feature film and television production company, will focus on young adult literature in 2018. CEO and Producer, William Garcia, a 30 year veteran of journalism, filmmaking, and television will bring his Suncoast Emmy award-winning talent to young adult fiction with "Lost In Time." With months of project preparation done, Garcia and Playworld Pictures plan to unveil "Lost in Time" by December of this year.

"Lost In Time" addresses the modern angst of teenagers of the 21st Century while following the time-traveling adventures of seven characters, Michelle, Rex, Alpha, Yoshi, Ronnie, Michael, and Jennifer. The characters are archetypical enough to allow a diverse audience to relate to them, while also having powerful characteristics original to this story. The book focus on issues that commonly plague teens in the 21st century, such as parental divorce, abandonment, bullying, and loss. "Lost In Time" aspires to give today's teens healthy models of coping by featuring an exciting and educational plot. In a time when entertainment, politics, and society seem so broken and have impacted the youth so adversely, these healthy models grow more important than ever before.

The plot of "Lost In Time" creates the convergence of today's young adult fiction with the classic science fiction motif of time travel. While Michelle and her friends try to discover the secret of her scientist father's arrest and mother's disappearance, the whole group gets pulled into an energy field that deposits them back in time. While working their way back to their home, time and families, the teens learn about world history. They also gain more appreciation for the positives in their lives, no matter how imperfect.

Garcia participated in a late Soviet era journalist exchange program while working for WTSP in Tampa, covered topics from the Space Shuttle to South Florida professional sports, and also won prestigious awards for his documentary work. His three decades of journalism gave him the opportunity to appreciate the value of history while developing the skills of presenting interesting characters to a diverse audience. "Lost in Time" will not just entertain but also educate our youth to learn about history so they may make our future a better place to live.

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